Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rower Comprehensive Review

Concept2 Model DThe Concept 2 model D rowing machine is perhaps the best indoor rowing machine that is available for purchase. It has numerous features such as a performance monitor, flywheel, damper, adjustable footrests and an ergonomic handle. It is constructed out of high quality durable materials and is built to last for a lifetime. This rowing machine also folds apart into two pieces for easy storage and has castor wheels so you can move it around with ease around in your home or facility.

The Model D rowing machine is the best selling indoor rowing machine in the world. This is a top notch machine that is used by athletes competing in the Olympics. This rowing machine includes a performance monitor that gives you information about every row you make on the machine. It also has an adjustable monitor arm so you can position the monitor where you want. You can easily adjust the airflow to the flywheel using the spiral damper to change the feel of your rowing strokes to your preference. The flywheel design in the machine reduces noise while still giving you a smooth feel when working out. The Concept 2 model D rowing machine has adjustable footrests that will accommodate a wide range of shoe sizes from small to large. The ergonomic handles are designed with comfort in mind and have a 10 degree bend to and give you a more natural arm and hand position. The Concept 2 has a nickel plated chain which allows for longer periods of time between oiling and that will last a long time. It has a stainless steel track on an aluminum monorail to ensure a smooth, gliding rowing motion. You can purchase this machine for an on water feel and for the ability to join multiple indoor rowing machines such as the Concept 2 model D or C for team training. When assembled this device has a length of 8 feet, a width of two feet, and a seat height of fourteen inches. The machine weighs 54 pounds and the monorail is four and a half feet in length. It comes in black or light grey colors.

This rower has only one con. It has a steep price tag. At over $850.00 for a new machine it is expensive when compared to other indoor rowing machines. Lower quality offerings can sell for as little as $100 to $500. However they will be lacking the features that this rowing machine has. They will also not be as durable or as high quality. There are also cardio machines that are even more expensive than this one and other ones that have a very similar price tag. The Concept 2 Model D rowing machine is built to last a lifetime and can withstand intense use everyday. This makes it ideal for use in gyms. If you are looking for an indoor rowing machine that has comfort, quality and that will last a lifetime then the Concept 2 Model D rowing machine is an excellent choice.

WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine Review

Waterrower Natural Rowing MachineThe WaterRower Natural rowing machine is an initiative approach to providing the benefits from rowing within the confines of your own home. Inside of your own home you will be able to experience the heart boosting aerobic workout that comes from rowing an actual boat on water without the need for a boat or lake to row on. The Water Rower is designed to simulate the natural rowing motion of a boat on the water. Designed with a “water flywheel” made up of two enclosed paddles inside of a water tank the WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine supplies a smooth and quiet resistance that simulates actual paddles in a body of water.

The machine’s durability is in direct correlation with the fact that there are no moving parts to fail or wear out over time. Maintenance and up keep of the machine is effortless, not even the recoil belt and pulley’s require any lubrication. As well there is no motor involved in the design the resistance of the machine it totally self-regulated by the water tank and flywheel. User of the machine can expect to work 84 percent of their muscle mass during a workout. With this much muscle mass being utilized during a workout the WaterRower is a fast track to total body muscle tone that is even better than the same workout in the gym on more expensive machines.

The WaterRower is equipped with:

• A water flywheel that simulates actual rowing motions.
• Flywheel sits inside a water tank that allows smooth, quite, self-regulated resistance.
• A series 4 performance monitor that provides accurate information concerning the work.
• A sturdy solid ash and stained hone oak construction that eliminates sound and vibrations.
• Easy up right storing of the 84 x 21 x inch 117 pound machine.

The pros of the WaterRower are:

• The WaterRower wooden construction provides a more realistic feel to actual rowing than its metal competitors.
• The WaterRower’s flywheel design responds to harder pulls by creating more resistance, unlike the unnatural feel of the Concept II flywheel rower that uses controlled airflow to create resistance.
• Easy storage taking up about as much space as chair in the upright position.
• An unmatched durability.
• Limited shock to the joints.

The cons of the WaterRower are:

• The footrest catches the shoes.
• The computer does not give a total calorie count.
• There is a slight slip in the strap that goes around the wheel.

None of the cons of the WaterRower are of enough concern to second guess buying the WaterRower. With a workout that surpasses the more expensive machines inside a gym the WaterRower has a solid 4 out of 5 stars rating by The added value comes in the fact that the parts of the WaterRower do not ware out, allowing the machine to provide years of maintenance free use. So if you are thinking about purchasing a rowing machine, the WaterRower definitely holds its own against more expensive machines and is well worth the consideration. Users have boasted that they have had decades of trouble free use of the WaterRower with only having to replace the batteries in the monitor.